The Retailer Center is a new way to search for products. Simply click on the retailer to access the products that have been recently tested. This new section will allow you to see what products we have most recently tested, and identify both hazardous and low-hazard products.

Why do we need the Retailer Center?

Though many companies are taking up the charge to decrease their impact on the environment, they often struggle to balance what's best for the planet and for business. At, we've found the presence of chemicals that are linked to serious disease, like cancer, and to ecological damage. Currently, companies don't have to disclose this information. Our goal is to increase consumer awareness about what hazardous chemicals are in common products so they can make a more informed choice at the register.

To find out how you can help retailers phase out these toxic products from their shelves, visit Mind the Store, a national campaign taking action against the nation's top 10 retailers to reduce the prevalence of toxic chemicals in consumer products.

Top Ten National Retailers

Other National Retailers

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