Animal Nursery


Product Data

Product Name:Animal Nursery
Distributor:geobra Brandst├Ątter GmbH &Co. KG
Manufacture Year:2011
Test Date/Location:2011-10-03/ME
Product Group:Toys
Product Type:Developmental/Educational Toys Other
Test Method:Manufacturer Disclosure
View Full Report:Poison in Paint, Toxics in Toys

BPA Reported

IMPORTANT NOTE: This information is meant to educate the public about whether certain chemicals were reported to be present in consumer products by their manufacturers in compliance with the Priority Chemical Reporting Regulation (Chapter 882/883) of the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). All of the information on the presence of chemicals in certain products was obtained directly from the Maine DEP. Read More »

Components Disclosed

Animal Nursery

Note: The above results are in parts per million (PPM) of a given chemical.

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