Leap Frog Leap Pad 2

The LeapFrog Leap Pad 2 Explorer scored a 3.9 in our rating system. The Leap Pad 2 had high levels of Bromine and Chlorine in the Circuit Board.

Step 1

  • Leap Frog - Leap Pad 2 Explorer.

Step 2

  • The Case of the Leap Pad 2 had low levels of heavy metals and halogens.

Step 3

  • Several componenets on the Circuit Board have high levels of Bromine, suggesting the use of brominated flame retardants. These high levels of bromine range between 3,000 to 100,000 parts per million.
  • High levels of bromine were also detected in the solder component of the Leap Pad 2.

Step 4

  • For each tablet we tested a variety of integrated circuit components, the printed circuit board substrate, wire, solder and other components.
  • Highest Levels Detected: Bromine (32,455 ppm) in circuit board component 3. This high level of bromine was detected in the circuit board substrate material itself. Image #2 below shows some of the other components which were tested. Complete test results are available on our product detail page.

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