2007 Armada


Product Data

Product Name:Armada
Manufacture Year:2007
Test Date/Location:2006-12-05/MI
Product Group:Cars
Product Type:SUV
Test Method:XRF
View Full Report:HealthyCar.Org Released Today As First-Ever Consumer Guide to Toxic Chemicals in Cars; Over 200 New Vehicles Ranked for Environmental Safety

Fuel Economy

City12 MPG
Highway18 MPG
Combined14 MPG

Product Rating


Overall Level


IMPORTANT NOTE: HealthyStuff.org ratings do not provide a measure of health risk or chemical exposure associated with any individual product, or any individual element or related chemical. Follow this link to read more.

Components Tested

Component Bromine Chlorine Lead Phthalates
Arm rest/center console 0 0 0
Carpet 0 0 0
Door trim (hard) 0 130,579 0
Door trim (soft) 1,785 187,079 0
Exterior window seal 0 433,201 0
Front seat (front) 0 0 0
Front seat (rear) 0 370,663 0
Headliner 0 0 0
IP 3 0 0
Sealer 0 0 0
Seat base 0 0 0
Shift knob 0 0 0
Steering wheel 20 0 91
Wiring 0 535,138 0

Note: The above results are in parts per million (PPM) of a given chemical.

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