Complete Chemical Results

Barbie Watch


  Lead Chlorine Cadmium Arsenic Mercury Bromine Nickel
Blue Watch Cover-Blue Gem 028700000
Blue Watch Cover-Blue Plastic 0000010
Blue Watch Cover-Front 01,25600000
Green Watch Cover-Front 01,44530000
Green Watch Cover-Green Gem 034100010
Green Watch Cover-Green Plastic 038580010
Necklace Chain 01,75300900
Pink Watch Cover Front 01,31340001
Pink Watch Cover-Pink Gem 038600001
Pink Watch Cover-Pink Plastic 0000000
Watch Band 0319,63600000
Watch Clip 0000167215,786
Watch-Blue Plastic 0336,06100000
Watch-Pink Plastic 00000118

Note: The above results are in parts per million (PPM) of a given chemical.