Complete Chemical Results

9-5 2.3T


  Bromine Chlorine Lead Antimony Tin Arsenic Chromium Cobalt Copper Nickel Mercury
Arm Rest/Center Console 0197,02107180000000
Carpet 00000000206650
Door trim (hard) 9297,70908260000000
Door trim (soft) 4177,01408290000000
Exterior window seal 0000000020800
Front Seat (front) 00000022,70701,51800
Front Seat (rear) 0481,57801,3630002,020000
Headliner 60000000000
IP 000000006300
Sealer 047,951000000000
Seat base 00023500845002300
Shift knob 0000177315,31509300
Steering wheel 20000010,7510000
Wiring 0000000095,8604280

Note: The above results are in parts per million (PPM) of a given chemical.