Complete Chemical Results

530i Sedan


  Bromine Chlorine Lead Antimony Tin Arsenic Chromium Cobalt Copper Nickel Mercury
Arm rest/center console 30210000011600
Carpet 250000030021700
Door trim (hard) 0274,707000000401670
Door trim (soft) 120000014,0760000
Exterior window seal 000000007900
Front seat (front) 120000022,2400000
Front seat (rear) 0258,410000000132620
Headliner 00000000000
IP 000020080063600
Sealer 0000005652,540000
Seat base 00000000000
Shift knob 00000000000
Steering wheel 00000014,82001,05400
Wiring 0342,39600000063,00000

Note: The above results are in parts per million (PPM) of a given chemical.