Complete Chemical Results

330 i


  Bromine Chlorine Lead Antimony Tin Arsenic Chromium Cobalt Copper Nickel Mercury
Arm Rest/Center Console 8410000016,4510000
Carpet 12050000117042200
Door trim (hard) 560210001020000
Door trim (soft) 140000016,4850000
Exterior window seal 00000400000
Front Seat (front) 90000021,271031700
Front Seat (rear) 80000022,469147000
Headliner 200000001,139000
IP 400028490042600
Sealer 00000120003290
Seat base 0004580000000
Shift knob 0000007,9040000
Steering wheel 100000011,36105800
Wiring 00000000000

Note: The above results are in parts per million (PPM) of a given chemical.