If you are concerned about toxic chemicals in consumer products, take action! Here are several things you can do:

  1. Ask the Government to Get Toxic Chemicals Out of Products
  2. Consumer product testing by shows that hazardous chemicals are far too commonplace in everyday consumer products. The problem is so pervasive, even the most diligent shoppers cannot avoid bringing toxic chemicals into their homes. To ensure the products we bring into our homes are safe, we need to update and strengthen the broken national law that regulates toxic chemicals in products. The time has come for common sense limits on harmful chemicals. You can sign an email to your Congressional representative to urge them to effectively regulate toxic chemicals in products so they are safe for kids and pets.

  3. Get Active In Your State
  4. Many states have active campaigns to phase out toxic chemicals in consumer products. Contact your state to find out how to get involved.

  5. Buy Products Safely
  6. Check out our product safety section for practical tips on reducing exposure to products that may pose dangers.

  7. Be a model

    Buy clothing and accessories with the logo and help spread the word to everyone who sees you about getting toxic chemicals out of everyday products!

  8. Donate Now!
  9. is a project of the Ecology Center, a nonprofit organization. To support our work, please donate online, or send a donation to the Ecology Center at 117 N. Division Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104.

  10. Spread the Word
  11. Tell your friends about

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