Car Seats


Car Seat (Booster)

Year Brand Model Score
2011BritaxFrontier 85 in CanyonMED
2011BritaxFrontier in Pink SkyMED
2011BritaxFrontier in Red RockMED
2011BritaxParkway SG in OnyxMED
2011ChiccoKeyfit StradaMED
2011ClekOlli in Jet BlackMED
2011ClekOobr in ShadowMED
2011ClekOobr, Paul Frank Zoom JuliusMED
2011CoscoHigh Back Booster SeatMED
2011CoscoHigh Back Booster SeatMED
2011CoscoHighrise in Navy/PinkMED
2011CoscoHighrise in PinkMED
2011Eddie BauerDeluxe High Back in GlencoeMED
2011Eddie BauerSummit Deluxe High Back in Chestnut HillMED
2011EvenfloAdvanced No Back in BlueMED
2011EvenfloAdvanced No Back in RedMED
2011EvenfloBest for Baby - Chase DLX BrownHIGH
2011EvenfloBest for Baby BigKid in MercuryMED
2011EvenfloBest for Baby BigKid in SilverMED
2011EvenfloBig Kid in Sun FlierMED
2011EvenfloBigKid AMP No BackMED
2011EvenfloBigKid High Back in Flower PowerMED
2011EvenfloGenerations 65 in HoustonMED
2011EvenfloMaestro in HendersonMED
2011GracoBackless Turbobooster in AspenMED
2011GracoBackless Turbobooster in BlinkMED
2011GracoNautilus in GarrisonMED
2011GracoNautilus in TillaMED
2011GracoTurbo Booster in AndersNONE
2011GracoTurbo Elite Highback in BenMED
2011GracoTurbo Elite Highback in PosieMED
2011GracoTurbobooster in BakerMED
2011GracoTurbobooster in FlyawayMED
2011GracoTurbobooster in JennaMED
2011GracoTurbobooster in Robbie RobotMED
2011Harmony JuvenileBooster Car Seat in OlympianMED
2011RecaroPro Booster in Blue OpalHIGH
2011RecaroProSPORT Toddler in MistyHIGH
2011RecaroProSPORT in Blue OpalMED
2011Safety 1stLearning Brands, Inc. Compass Deluxe Folding in CappuccinoMED
2011Sunshine KidsMonterey Expandable BoosterMED
2011Sunshine KidsSante Fe in SilverMED
2009CompassUltra Folding CappuccinoMED
2009CoscoEddie Bauer Summit Booster Chestnut HillMED
2009CoscoHigh Back VertouMED
2009CoscoHigh Rise Key LargoMED
2009CoscoHighback Booster Seat GothamMED
2009Eddie BauerAdjustable High Back CovingtonMED
2009Eddie BauerDeluxe High Back LaurenMED
2009EvenFloBig Kid DLX Sea OatsMED
2009EvenFloChase DLX Booster Seat Abby IIHIGH
2009EvenFloChase DLX JacksonMED
2009EvenfloChase Booster SteeplechaseMED
2009EvenfloGenerations Booster RacewayMED
2009GracoBackless Turbo Booster ImageMED
2009GracoTurbo Booster AbbyMED
2009GracoTurbo Booster RoanokeMED
2009GracoTurboBooster Heart's DelightMED
2009GracoTurboBooster KelseyMED
2009GracoTurboBooster MoonbeamMED
2009GracoTurboBooster SatoriMED
2008Alpha SportBooster ChantelMED
2008Alpha SportVantage Booster Blue SteelHIGH
2008BritaxFrontier Pink SkyMED
2008BritaxFrontier Red RockMED
2008BritaxMonarch Red RacerMED
2008BritaxParkway ExpressMED
2008BritaxRegent MadisonMED
2008BritaxRegent OnyxHIGH
2008ClekOlli Booster Seat BlacktopMED
2008ClekOlli Booster Seat ZebraMED
2008CompassB505 PistachioMED
2008CoscoAlpha Elite ApexMED
2008CoscoGotham High Back BoosterHIGH
2008CoscoHigh Rise Auto Booster BlueMED
2008CoscoHigh-back Booster GothamMED
2008CoscoSoHo Booster YouthMED
2008Cosco/Eddie BauerEddie Bauer Deluxe Booster Chestnut HillMED
2008Eddie BauerSummit Booster AstoriaMED
2008Eddie BauerSummit Booster Brown Tech PrintHIGH
2008EvenfloBig Kid Booster Oregon TrailMED
2008EvenfloBig Kid Mocha ChillMED
2008EvenfloBig Kid No-Back Gold DustMED
2008EvenfloChase Booster SteeplechaseMED
2008EvenfloChase Booster Walnut HillMED
2008EvenfloChase DLX Booster ArlingtonMED
2008EvenfloChase DLX MoonbeamMED
2008GracoAir Booster RainMED
2008GracoBackless Turbo Booster ImageMED
2008GracoBlackless TurboBooster BelmontMED
2008GracoPlatinum CarGo BoosterMED
2008GracoPlatinum CarGo Booster ZephyrMED
2008GracoPlatinum Cargo ChanceHIGH
2008GracoTurbo Booster ChiliMED
2008GracoTurbo Booster KaylaMED
2008GracoTurboBooster EmilyHIGH
2008GracoTurboBooster SafeSeat (Step 3) AthensHIGH
2008GracoTurboBooster SafeSeat (Step 3) GabrielleMED
2008GracoTurboBooster SafeSeat (Step 3) GloryHIGH
2008GracoTurboBooster SafeSeat (Step 3) PiersonMED
2008Maxi CosiRodi BijanMED
2008Sunshine KidsMonterey Expandable Booster RedNONE

Car Seat (Convertible)

2011BritaxAdvocate 70 CS in CowmooflageMED
2011BritaxAdvocate 70 CS in OnyxHIGH
2011BritaxAdvocate 70 CS in Opus GrayMED
2011BritaxAdvocate 70 CS in RivieraMED
2011BritaxBoulevard 70 CS in BlueprintMED
2011BritaxBoulevard 70 CS in Silver BirchMED
2011BritaxBoulevard 70 CS in WaverlyMED
2011BritaxMarathon 70 in AllisonMED
2011BritaxMarathon 70 in CrimsonMED
2011BritaxMarathon 70 in Jet SetHIGH
2011BritaxMarathon CS in CrimsonMED
2011BritaxMarathon Classic in SolsticeHIGH
2011BritaxMarathon in PlatinumHIGH
2011BritaxNext Gen Boulevard in WyndhamMED
2011BritaxNext Generations Boulevard in CavalierMED
2011BritaxRoundabout 50 Classic in KathrynMED
2011BritaxRoundabout 55 in BerkleyMED
2011BritaxRoundabout 55 in DavenportMED
2011CoscoScenera 40 RF in Aberdeen BlackMED
2011CoscoScenera 40 RF in PinkMED
2011CoscoScenera in RichmondHIGH
2011Eddie BauerDeluxe in BlackMED
2011EvenfloMomentum 65 DLX in StaticHIGH
2011EvenfloMomentum65 LX in Black RockMED
2011EvenfloMomentum65 in OlympicHIGH
2011EvenfloSymphony 65 in CirclesMED
2011EvenfloSymphony 65 in HamiltonMED
2011EvenfloSymphony 65 in LibertyMED
2011EvenfloTitan Elite in HoustonMED
2011EvenfloTribute 40 V in ChalkboardMED
2011EvenfloTriumph 65 LX in SanteeMED
2011GracoComfort Sport in CaleoLOW
2011GracoComfort Sport in LaurelHIGH
2011GracoMy Ride 65 in PrentisHIGH
2011GracoMyRide 65 in ChadwickMED
2011GracoMyRide 65 in ChandlerLOW
2011GracoMyRide 65 in SonataMED
2011GracoMyRide 65 in SpiralMED
2011GracoMyRide 65 in StreamerLOW
2011GracoNautilus 3-in-1 in BreakersMED
2011GracoNautilus 3-in-1 in JuliaMED
2011GracoNautilus 3-in-1 in MatrixHIGH
2011GracoNautilus Elite 3-in-1 in GabeLOW
2011Maxi-CosiPRIORI in Lily PinkMED
2011Maxi-CosiPriori in Total BlackMED
2011RecaroProRIDE in Blue OpalMED
2011RecaroProRIDE in MidnightHIGH
2011Safety 1stAir 65 in MarshallMED
2011Safety 1stAir 65 in Sugar & SpiceMED
2011Safety 1stAlpha Omega Elite in LamontMED
2011Safety 1stAlpha Omega Elite in RemingtonMED
2011Safety 1stAlpha Omega Elite in SaraMED
2011Safety 1stComplete Air 65MED
2011Safety 1stComplete Air 65 in FlutterMED
2011Safety 1stComplete Air 65 in LemansMED
2011Safety 1stonSide Air in ClearwaterLOW
2011Sunshine KidsRadian 65SLMED
2011Sunshine KidsRadian 80SL in SportMED
2011Sunshine KidsRadian XTSL in EclipseMED
2011The First YearsLearning Brands, Inc. Tru Fit in AuroraMED
2009BritaxMarathon Convertible Car Seat PlatinumMED
2009BritaxMarathon Grey HerringboneMED
2009BritaxMarathon HannahMED
2009CoscoAlpha Omega Convertible Blue SteelHIGH
2009CoscoAlpha Omega Elite Convertible BrownMED
2009CoscoAlpha Omega Elite Convertible PalomaHIGH
2009CoscoAlpha Omega Elite Convertible RandolphHIGH
2009CoscoEddie Bauer Deluxe 3-in-1 WestportMED
2009CoscoScenara NitronMED
2009CoscoScenera DDZMED
2009CoscoScenera RMDMED
2009CoscoScenera Rounded SquaresMED
2009CoscoSpirit Travel System On SafariHIGH
2009Eddie BauerAdventurer Travel System CovingtonMED
2009Eddie BauerDeluxe GraniteMED
2009EvenfloAura Travel System Sterling HeightsMED
2009EvenfloSymphony Convertible Car Seat LibertyHIGH
2009EvenfloSymphony PattersonMED
2009EvenfloTitan Elite Convertible Seat RacewayMED
2009EvenfloTitan Elite ParsleyMED
2009EvenfloTribute 5 Convertible Car Seat ChalkboardMED
2009EvenfloTriumph Advance DLX Car Seat SandboxMED
2009EvenfloTriumph Advance LX Car Seat HansenHIGH
2009EvenfloTriumph Advance LX Car Seat HarbortownHIGH
2009EvenfloTriumph LX Mocha MintMED
2009Flex-LocTravel System MesaHIGH
2009GracoAlano Travel System MulberryMED
2009GracoComfortSport AngelicaHIGH
2009GracoComfortSport RyderHIGH
2009GracoNautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat GalaxyMED
2009GracoNautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat MariposaMED
2009GracoPassage Travel System MelbourneMED
2009Safety 1stAll-in-One Deluxe VassarMED
2009Safety 1stPlaysafe Travel System DotswannaMED
2008BritaxBoulevard BarringtonMED
2008BritaxBoulevard ShannonMED
2008BritaxDecathlon CappucinoMED
2008BritaxMarathon BrookeMED
2008BritaxMarathon CowmooflagueMED
2008BritaxMarathon GraystoneMED
2008BritaxMarathon MariposaMED
2008BritaxMarathon OliviaHIGH
2008BritaxMarathon OnyxHIGH
2008BritaxMarathon PlatinumMED
2008BritaxMarathon PlatinumHIGH
2008BritaxMarathon Tan SwirlMED
2008BritaxRoundabout BridgeportMED
2008BritaxRoundabout CowmooflagueMED
2008BritaxRoundabout GraniteMED
2008BritaxRoundabout Jefferson TanMED
2008BritaxRoundabout JessicaMED
2008BritaxRoundabout LatteMED
2008BritaxRoundabout OnyxHIGH
2008BritaxRoundabout Tan SwirlMED
2008CoscoAlpha Omega EliteHIGH
2008CoscoAlpha Omega Elite GraysonMED
2008CoscoAlpha Omega Elite SophiaMED
2008CoscoAlpha Sport 3-stage convertible NYCMED
2008CoscoScenara 5-PointMED
2008CoscoScenera 5-point Convertible TransatlanticMED
2008Eddie Bauer3 in 1 Convertible CambridgeMED
2008Eddie Bauer3 in 1 Convertible MontecitoMED
2008Eddie Bauer3-in-1 Deluxe Convertible PrestonMED
2008Eddie BauerDeluxe Convertible HamptonLOW
2008EvenfloTitan Delux Convertible CobblestoneMED
2008EvenfloTitan Elite DLX - LarsonMED
2008EvenfloTribute 5 convertible ChalkboardMED
2008EvenfloTribute Premier BuckinghamMED
2008EvenfloTribute V Premier BrightonMED
2008EvenfloTriumph 5 Rain ShadowHIGH
2008EvenfloTriumph Advance DLX SandboxMED
2008EvenfloTriumph Advance LX HansenMED
2008EvenfloTriumph Advance LX RavenMED
2008EvenfloTriumph Deluxe AshbyMED
2008EvenfloTriumph LX Barley TwistMED
2008EvenfloTriumph LX ConvertibleMED
2008EvenfloTriumph Premier Car Seat StonehengeMED
2008Fisher PriceSafe VoyagerHIGH
2008GracoComfortSport AlesiaMED
2008GracoComfortSport ConvertibleHIGH
2008GracoComfortSport Convertible GraphiteMED
2008GracoComfortSport Convertible TimberMED
2008GracoComfortSport Convertible Watercolor FlowersMED
2008GracoComfortSport Covertible GraphiteMED
2008GracoToddler SafeSeat (Step 2)MED
2008GracoToddler SafeSeat (Step 2) PiersonMED
2008Maxi CosiPriori CornicheMED
2008Maxi CosiPriori PenguinMED
2008OrbitToddler Car Seat MochaLOW
2008Safety 1stAll-in-one Deluxe MonumentMED
2008Safety 1stAlpha SportMED
2008Sunshine KidsRadian 65 ChampagneNONE
2008Sunshine KidsRadian 80 Super CoolLOW

Car Seat (Infant)

2011Baby TrendFlex Loc in All StarLOW
2011Baby TrendFlex Loc in EverestMED
2011Baby TrendFlex Loc in GabriellaMED
2011Baby TrendFlex-loc in Gray MistMED
2011Baby TrendInfant Car Seat in SonicMED
2011BritaxChaperone in Black/SilverMED
2011BritaxChaperone in CowmooflageLOW
2011BritaxChaperone in RedMED
2011ChiccoKeyFit 30 in AdventureMED
2011ChiccoKeyFit 30 in CubesLOW
2011ChiccoKeyFit 30 in ExtremeLOW
2011ChiccoKeyFit 30 in FuegoMED
2011ChiccoKeyFit 30 in LimonataLOW
2011ChiccoKeyFit 30 in RaceMED
2011ChiccoKeyFit 30 in RomanticMED
2011ChiccoKeyfit 30MED
2011CombiShuttle 33 in Cranberry NocheLOW
2011EvenfloDiscovery in SheffieldMED
2011GracoSnugRide 22 in TalulaMED
2011GracoSnugRide 30 in AspreyMED
2011GracoSnugRide 30 in B is for BearMED
2011GracoSnugRide 30 in LotusMED
2011GracoSnugRide 30 in MirabellaLOW
2011GracoSnugRide 30 in ZarafaMED
2011GracoSnugRide 35 in FlintLOW
2011GracoSnugRide 35 in HathawayLOW
2011GracoSnugRide 35 in Laguna BayLOW
2011GracoSnugRide 35 in LilyMED
2011GracoSnugRide 35 in LoganMED
2011GracoSnugRide 35 in MaddoxMED
2011GracoSnugRide 35 in RacerMED
2011GracoSnugRide in Lively DotsMED
2011GracoSnugRide in PippinMED
2011GracoSnugRide in ZoeyMED
2011GracoSnugride 35 in Edgemont Red/BlackMED
2011GracoSnugride in PlatinumMED
2011Maxi-CosiMico in PhantomMED
2011Orbit BabyG2 in RubyMED
2011Peg PeregoPrimo Viaggio SIP 30/30 in GalaMED
2011Peg PeregoPrimo Viaggio SIP 30/30 in JavaMED
2011Peg PeregoPrimo Viaggio SIP 30/30 in KiwiMED
2011Peg PeregoPrimo Viaggio SIP 30/30 in Pois BlackMED
2011Peg PeregoPrimo Viaggio in Black StepMED
2011Peg PeregoPrimo Viaggio in JavaMED
2011Peg PeregoPrimo Viaggio in PalomaMED
2011Peg PeregoPrimo Viaggio in Red StepMED
2011Peg PeregoViaggio SIP in ApricotMED
2011Peg PeregoViaggio SIP in GeraniumMED
2011S1 by Safety 1stonBoad35 Air in McKennaLOW
2011Safety 1stonBoard35 Air in SilverleafMED
2011TeutoniaT Tario 35MED
2009Baby TrendFlex-Loc PhantomMED
2009EvenFloEmbrace LX Infant Car Seat CentervilleMED
2009EvenfloEmbrace LX Infant Car Seat CascadiaMED
2009GracoSnugRide Infant Car Seat JewelMED
2009GracoSnugRide Infant Car Seat SterlingMED
2009GracoSnugRide Infant Car Seat Tango in the TongoMED
2008Baby TrendFlex Loc Grey MistMED
2008Baby TrendStride Sport Travel System Orange OakMED
2008BritaxCompanion MonzaHIGH
2008BritaxCompanion OnyxMED
2008BritaxCompanion Plum/TanMED
2008CombiCentre EX MangoHIGH
2008EvenfloAura Elite Travel System Oh So BigMED
2008EvenfloDiscovery Infant ChurchillMED
2008EvenfloDiscovery Infant Seat ExplorerLOW
2008EvenfloEmbrace DLX InfantMED
2008EvenfloJourney Elite Travel System Le Grand JungleMED
2008GracoPassage 540 Travel System Mary AnnLOW
2008GracoQuattro Tour DLX Travel System DecoMED
2008GracoSafeSeat (Step 1) French RoastMED
2008GracoSafeSeat (Step 1) FusionHIGH
2008GracoSafeSeat (Step 1) HeirloomMED
2008GracoSafeSeat (Step 1) PiersonMED
2008GracoSafeSeat (Step 1) RoxyMED
2008GracoSafeseat EclipseMED
2008GracoSnugRide EmersonLOW
2008GracoSnugRide Family TreeMED
2008GracoSnugRide JosephineMED
2008GracoSnugRide LindseyMED
2008GracoSnugRide Park MeadowsMED
2008GracoSnugRide WindsorMED
2008GracoSnugride Safari FriendsMED
2008GracoSnugride SterlingLOW
2008GracoSnugride SterlingLOW
2008Maxi CosiMico JuiceHIGH
2008Maxi CosiMico LemonadeMED
2008OrbitInfant Carrier MochaHIGH
2008Peg PeregoPrimo Viaggio ToffeeHIGH

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