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FLASH WIDGET | IPHONE/MOBILE DEVICES provides many other ways to access our list of products, including a Flash Widget you can embed in your own web site or Facebook profile, and an SMS text version that lets you find safe products from your cell phone by SMS text message. For those with Internet-capable phones such as Blackberries or iPhones, provides a dedicated mobile version as well.

Flash Widget

Displays Overall Level of Concern

Displays Level of Concern for Lead Only
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Using the Widget

Select your category from the drop-down list and enter your search terms in the text box. You may search on product name, UPC, brand, and level of concern. NONE, LOW, MED, and HIGH are reserved words and if added to the search will filter the results based on level of concern.

Query results are limited to 30 products. If your query returns more than 30 products we suggest narrowing your search. The query results show the product name, the level of concern, and an icon of the level of concern (green for none or low, yellow for medium, and red for high). If the product name is too long to fit in the Widget, you can move your mouse over the product to find out the entire name. For complete test results click on the listed product to go to its details page on

Sample Queries

Select the Toys category. You can search for products by name (such as Barbie, Hannah, or Football), a brand name (such as Fisher-Price, Hasbro or Maggie), a product UPC code (a number, like 678634798268), or the overall level of detection in a product (High, Medium, Low, or None). These searches can be combined, e.g. (Barbie Medium or Hasbro Low).


In order to run the Widget, you must have Adobe Flash Player version 9 or higher installed. Adobe Flash Player may be downloaded here. The Widget also requires a network connection in order to function.

This Widget was developed for by Mouko, LLC For inquiries or bug reports, please contact

Mobile Device Optimized Site

Direct your iPhone, Blackberry, or other web browser-enabled mobile device to our mobile site by punching in in your phone's web browser (you can also visit from your computer if you'd like to check it out first). Visitors will be able to access summary information for all products tested by the team, including overall product ratings. As with the HealthyStuff site (, you will be able to access listings by make or industry classification, in addition to a “best/worst” list of products grouped by class. Some site features, including complete chemical results and results for individual components will only be available via the desktop version at this time. Individual component results, including complete test results, will not be available from the mobile site.


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